Future Systems

Idigo Announced: Google Invests To Connect Australia to Asia
Seaborn Networks and Grupo Werthein Announce ARBR System

State of the Idustry

Hexatronic To Support 6 New Projects
Superloop acquires subsea company SubPartners


Future Systems

Flexenclosure to Deploy an eCentre Cable Landing Station in Palau – Second CLS Order in the Pacific Region in as many Weeks

Flexenclosure announced it will deliver a cable landing station in Palau for the SEA-US submarine cable. Read story...

Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel Interested in Chile Fibre Tender

Several major submarine cable providers have expressed interest in the Fibra Optical Austral tender. Read story...

Current Systems

MCT Submarine Cable Launch Promises Bright Future for Cambodian and Regional Telcos

The Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand submarine cable system is now ready for service. Read story...

Technology & Upgrades

New Industry Group Forms Multi-Source Agreement for Shortwave WDM Optical Standards to Operate over Duplex Multimode Fiber, Simplifying Data Center Upgrades

A new industry group has been formed to define optical specifications and promote adoption of shortwave WDM standards for use in data center and enterprise campus applications that deploy duplex multimode fiber. Read story...

State of the Industry

NxtVn is Planning a Data Center Park in Virginia Beach

NxtVn is planning to build a data center park in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA to take advantage of the future submarine cable systems landing in the region. Read story...

Cable Faults

Repairs To AAG Delayed

Current Systems

Tasman Global Access Cable Completed

Future Systems

SEA-US Lands In Mindanao

State of the Industry

NTT Communications, NTTWEM and NTT FINANCE Finalize Outfitting of Cableship

SubOptic 2019

Marching In To SubOptic 2019

Technology & Upgrades

TE SubCom Sets Record For Transmission Capacity


Future Systems

Polynesian Leaders Agree to Extend Submarine Cable

Polynesian leaders and the New Zealand Foreign Minister have agreed to extend the Honatua submarine cable to Samoa, Niue and the Cook Islands. This extension will be called Manatua, and is targeted to be ready for service by the end of this year. Read story...

Retelit and BICS Open Up New Route to Europe for AAE-1 Cable

Retelit and BICS have teamed up to provide backhaul services for the AAE-1 submarine cable. Read story...

Alaska Communications, Quintillion to bring broadband to rural Northwest Alaska communities

Alaska Communications and Quintillion will provide reliable, high-speed broadband in Northwest Alaska thanks to Quintillion's new submarine fiber cable. Read story...

State of the Industry

GBI Appoints Mohamed Saro as CCO

GBI has appointed Mohamed Saro as Chief Commercial Officer. Read story...

Submarine Cable Company with New CEO

Keir Preedy is now the CEO of the Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Company. Read story...

Lumos Networks Announces Continued Sales Pipeline Expansion Tied to Virginia Beach Undersea Cable Landing Site

Lumos Networks has announced continued expansion of its sales pipeline on routes from the future Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA cable landing station to both Richmond, Virginia, USA and Ashburn, Virginia, USA. Carriers are specifically looking for routes around the crowded I-95 corridor and connection to data centers in Dulles, Virginia, USA. Read story...

Global Marine Expands Its Fleet

Global Marine has added the CS Recorder to its submarine cable system installation fleet. Read story...

Cable Faults

Connection Cut: Vietnam’s Internet Users in the Dark Over Undersea Cable Repairs

Long suffering internet users in Vietnam continue to experience poor service due to cable faults. This time, the Intra Asia cable is to blame. Read story...

Current Systems

SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium Completes Subsea Cable Project

Sri Lanka Telecom has announced the completion of the SEA-ME-WE 5 submarine cable system. Read story...

Future Systems

Docomo Granted Atisa License

The Federal Communications Commission has granted Docomo Pacific a landing license for the Atisa submarine cable system. The system is expected to be ready for service in June of this year. Read story...

Angola Cables Selects Ciena for MONET Subsea Cable System

Angola Cables has selected Ciena to support its new service launch on the MONET submarine cable system. Read story...

Brazil-Africa Fiber Cable Project Makes Progress

The survey for the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) has been completed. The cable system is still on track to be ready for service this year. Read story...

State of the Industry

Fugro Partners with Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

Fugro has entered into a partnership with the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE to support first-round testing of the global, three-year competition, which incentivises development of rapid, unmanned and high-resolution ocean mapping technologies. Read story...