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  • 26 systems were updated
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WASHINGTON, DC - February 1, 2017 - 

A new manager and new approach is coming to the industry’s foremost conference.

Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. (SubTel Forum) ­ – one of the premier news sources for the submarine fibre industry – is pleased to announce that it will manage the organization and staging of SubOptic 2019, which will be held in New Orleans on 8-11 April 2019.

The partnership with SubTel Forum reflects a new method by SubOptic that will produce the best conference experience yet for future participants, allowing SubOptic to concentrate on building a program that will provide maximum value to the industry – supported by a professional event manager with experience in this field, handling logistics for the event.

North America was a natural choice following SubOptic’s tradition of venue rotation across the globe – previously Dubai in 2016, Paris in 2013, Yokohama in 2010 and Baltimore in 2007.

“SubTel Forum is honored to manage SubOptic, an event I’ve personally attended each year since it was held in 1993 in Versailles,” said Submarine Telecoms Forum Publisher and President Wayne Nielsen.  “We are looking forward to continuing its thirty-year tradition in the spirit and high standards the association and its members deserve.”

About SubOptic

SubOptic Association ( is a non-profit international organization active in the undersea communications industry. It is best known for the conference it organizes, the longest running and most comprehensive in the world covering this industry, and widely considered as the global summit of the submarine cable community. Hosted by Ciena, SubOptic 2019 will be the tenth in the series and will be held in New Orleans on April 8-11, 2019.

About Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc.

Submarine Telecom Forum, Inc. (www.stf-inc.comis a media company located in the United States that serves thousands of readers in over 100 countries. The Company publishes an independent commercial bi-monthly e-magazine and complimentary digital and print publications that discuss and analyze the submarine telecommunications cable industry.  Its operating divisions provide data-driven business intelligence services, organize and manage conferences, and offer print and digital resources.

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Kristian Nielsen

Vice President

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Issue 20 of the Submarine Cable Almanac is available now. In this issue we removed 1 system, updated 73 systems and added 1 new system.

If you’re interested in finding a specific system, or wish to see all systems in a region, simply type that name or region into the search function. We hope that you, our readers, will participate in this almanac as you’ve done with our previous products.

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In This Issue

Global Outlook: The Year That Almost Was
by Kieran Clark

Reviewing 2016 And Speculating About The Future
by John Tibbles

Protecting $10 Trillion Worth of Transactions, Every Day
by Brian Lavallée

SubOptic Insert

A Cable Ship and a Rescue on the High Seas
by James Herron

Virginia Beach Is Now The Biggest Digital Port In The Mid-Atlantic
by Rob Hudome

The Atlantic: 2017 Infrastructure Analysis
by Hubert Souisa & Horst Etzkorn

How I Successfully Managed To Build A Submarine Cable
by Mikinori Niino

Back Reflection: The Origin Of The Optical Cable
by José Chesnoy

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By Press Release

November 1, 2016 – Sterling, VA

A Letter to Our Readers:

This November marks the 15th anniversary of the formation and first publishing of the Submarine Telecoms Forum magazine.

In his first Exordium 15 years ago, Wayne Nielsen envisioned “Submarine Telecoms Forum as being a platform for discourse on submarine telecom cable and network operations where industry professionals can provide guest commentary and information on system and service provision.”

Since then, we have published over 700 articles, written by over 500 subject matter experts, in 90 issues of the magazine. Our authors and readers hail from all corners of the submarine cable industry, and beyond. Our goal has, and continues to be, to create a resource for industry minds to speak and collaborate freely on matters of importance to our niche of the telecoms industry.

Since the first issue of the magazine was published, we’ve added almost 10 individual resources including our popular wall maps, an online cable map, the quarterly almanac of cable systems, and the annual industry report, to name a few.

As our industry sits precariously on the edge of the future, we will endeavor to provide you a useful, timely and relevant resource in SubTel Forum. Echoing Wayne’s words from that first issue: “we promise you, our readers, the following: that we will provide a wide range of ideas and issues; that we will seek to incite, entertain and provoke in a positive manner.”

Our responsibility is to you, our readers, thank you for your years of continued support and patronage.

Sincerely, sig Kristian Nielsen Vice President

P.S. Be sure to update your contact info with the SubTel Forum mailing list, the first 150 readers to do so will receive a gift commemorating the 15th anniversary of the magazine!