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Next Release: March 2017

Submarine Telecoms Forum magazine is a free, bimonthly trade journal focused on the submarine cable industry. The magazine has seen continuous publication since it was founded in 2001. With and average of 78,000+ downloads per issue, advertising in SubTel Forum puts your company in front of professionals across the industry.

Current Issue: #93 – Finance & Legal

Release Date: March 2017

In This Issue

Changing Dynamics In The World Of Submarine Fiber By Kieran Clark

Message from the President of SubOptic By Yves Ruggeri

Streamlining The “Team Telecom” Review For Submarine Cables By Andrew D. Lipman, Ulises R. Pin and Stephany Fan

A Loose Cannon On Deck By Douglas Burnett and Alice Leonard de Juvigny

The Penultimate Frontier By James Case

FCC Priorities Under Republican Leadership By Wesley Wright

Data Centre Interconnectivity By Nigel Bayliff

Cuba Up, Vietnam Down By Doug Madory

The Vital Importance of Subsea Cables for the Telecommunications Industry By Caroline Elliott

Back Reflection By Francis Charpentier


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