By Vietnam Breaking News - March 27, 2017

Local users will continue to experience slow connection speeds until next month.

Vietnam’s internet speed is likely to remain slow for the foreseeable future due to further delays to repair work on the Asia America Gateway (AAG) undersea cable, while work on the country’s other internet link, the Intra Asia (IA) cable, is ongoing.

The AAG was disrupted for the second time this year in February following a breakdown in early January, and the cable repair ship is not likely to reach the broken cable before April 5, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper quoted local internet providers as saying Monday.

A new rupture on the IA undersea cable, which links Vietnam with Hong Kong, has just been discovered after the first disrupted section, which connects Vietnam with Singapore, was found in February.

According to local internet suppliers, the Vietnam-Singapore section will hopefully be back up and running by April 1, and then work will start to fix the Vietnam-Hong Kong section.

The cable’s operator, India’s Tata Communications, confirmed the information, saying it would be unable to finish fixing the Vietnam-Singapore line by March 25 as initially planned, and has moved the goal to April 1.

The company said it would start work on the Vietnam-Hong section of the IA on April 5.


By VnExpress

This is the second time the Asia America Gateway has been disrupted this year.

Vietnam’s internet speed is likely to slow in the coming days following problems with the notorious cable that connects the country with the U.S., local media quoted sources as saying on Sunday.

The incident took place late on Saturday, and details of when the cable will be fixed have not been provided.

This is the second time that the Asia America Gateway (AAG) has been disrupted this year following several ruptures last year.

The latest repair work on the AAG was only completed in late January after it cut off on January 8.

This new disruption was triggered by a problem on the cable between Vietnam and Hong Kong.

In early January, the AAG and two other internet cables, the Intra Asia (IA) and the newly launched Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), all experienced problems and were subsequently shut down.

The APG was back up on January 23 while the IA is expected to be fixed by February 25, VietnamPlus quoted service provider Viettel as saying Sunday.


By VnExpress, March 21, 2017

The line's latest rupture will be fixed by Saturday, a local service provider said, citing the cable's operator.

Vietnam's internet connection is expected to improve this weekend when repair work is completed on a major cable that has suffered from multiple problems since early this year, VietnamPlus reported.

A local internet service provider told VietnamPlus that the Intra Asia internet cable that connects Vietnam with other parts of Southeast Asia will be fixed and back up to full capacity by Saturday, citing information from India’s Tata Communications, the cable's operator.

The cable has been down multiple times this year. It ruptured on January 10 and was fixed the same day, but the problem returned the following day and the operator estimated it would not be back up to full speed before February 25. The latest breakdown occurred on March 4.


By Subsea Explorer

ASN Marine on behalf of Alcatel Submarine Networks has been contracted to undertake an emergency repair of the Globacom-1 (GLO-1) submarine fibre optic cable in UK territorial waters.

The subsea cable system GLO-1 stretches from UK across West Africa and has landing points in Nigeria, London and Lisbon.

It is a 9,800 km cable, developed by Globacom and Alcatel-Lucent.

The C/S Ile d’Aix cable laying vessel is scheduled to arrive on site on February 16, to start the repair works.

The cable repair will take approximately seven days depending upon weather or other operational conditions, Kis Orca informed.

The GLO-1 cable has a capacity of 2.5Tbps.


By VnExpress

More disruptions are drowning repairs to the volatile continental cable.
Repairs to the Intra Asia (IA) internet cable that connects Vietnam with other parts of Southeast Asia have been set back once again by more ruptures, VietnamPlus cited an internet service provider as saying on Thursday.

The cable has been under near-constant repairs since it broke on January 10, and despite a number of deadlines being set, it seems nobody is sure when the cable will resume full operations again.

On February 26, VietnamPlus cited another provider as saying that the IA is expected to resume full speed on March 1 after Tata Communications, the cable's operator, said it had discovered new disruption points near Singapore. Meanwhile, other providers said repairs to the cable might not be finished before March 4.

The IA ruptured on January 10 and was fixed the same day. It ruptured again the following day and the operator estimated it would be back up to full speed on February 25.


By Telecompaper

Telenor Norway said a cut to the sea cable in Bindal in Nordland county on the afternoon of 04 February has left the town without services. Four out of the seven base stations are out of order, it said. Replacement work is expected to start on 07 February.

Telenor said approximately 370 broadband customers and 120 fixed telephony subscribers have been affected. The replacement work could take some time, the company said, as the line could not be repaired.